Are you ready to be a true master of life,
creating a life where you are no longer limited
by the laws and nature of the physical realm?

Regardless of where you are in consciousness,
it is only a steppingstone to something greater,
as long as you are still subject to the laws and nature
of the physical realm.  There are no limits.
Are you ready for a life of true mastery? . . . true freedom?

Come on in.  You are most welcome as you fully explore our site.
At this time we are featuring
“Awakening to Self-Mastery,”
a guidebook for masters of the coming age,
and the one-of-a-kind book,
“The Bible for Translating from Physical to Spirit.”

Take a moment and consider,
“What is the greatest thing you can possibly experience in this lifetime?”

Truly, there are no limits.

You are a creation of God . . . of God energy.  
Keep in mind that God is omnipresent . . . everywhere present.
God is the energy and intelligence from which every atom exists.
Therefore, you are naturally composed of God energy.
But this energy and intelligence remains only a potential
until you direct your consciousness and awareness toward It,
until you focus your attention on your true spiritual nature,
until you truly desire and surrender to what you truly are,
until you choose to break free from what has been
commonly accepted as realistic and normal.

As you consciously realize who you truly are
and cooperate, or align, with this energy,
and become Christ-like love,
you can do all things.

You can create any thing or any experience you desire.
You can travel in the invisible.
You can spiritualize, or dematerialize, your physical body at your discretion
and physicalize it, or rematerialize it, whenever you appropriately choose.
You can be anywhere anytime.

Remember, God energy is omniscient and omnipotent.
God energy does not age.   Therefore . . .
You do not have to experience death of your physical body.

Through focused attention and being Christ-like love,
and aligning with certain spiritual principles,
you can raise your vibrational frequency
to where you are no longer subject to the laws and nature
of the physical realm.

You can be a true Master of Life.
True mastery is true freedom.  Your soul yearns to be free.
Let your sole desire be your soul’s desire.

The books featured in this website provide the guidelines
for attaining such a life . . . a life of true mastery.

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is in the same league and has the capacity
to easily be among the best sellers such as
The Celestine Prophecy,
Conversations with God, The New Earth, and  The Secret

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(The Bible for)
Translating from Physical to Spirit

An experiential bible for masters of the coming age
as well as a wonderful and useful complement to
"Awakening to Self-Mastery"

“A Bible for the New Millennium!”

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Welcome to our web site featuring the books,
“Awakening to Self-Mastery”
A step-by-step guide for masters of the coming age
“(The Bible for) Translating from Physical to Spirit”
An experiential bible for masters of the coming age

Terry Livingood, author

As a speaker and workshop facilitator,
Terry is dedicated to sharing the
concepts of mastery and expanding
the consciousness of humankind.

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"As you become Christ-like lovelight, your entire being is empowered with wisdom
to know certain spiritual things that are beyond the comprehension of human thinking.
There are no limits of wonderful things for you to experience and enjoy."
Awakening to Self-Mastery
These books are becoming known
as the best and most
informative books on the planet
concerning translation--
about what translation is,
about preparing for translation,
about the actual experience,
about what it is like being translated
(and consciously experiencing the infiniteness of God),
and translating back and forth
(the freedom of coming and going like the wind).
"The wind blows where it chooses and you hear the sound of it,
but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes.
So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit."
-Jesus, John 3:8
"Many are now coming into an understanding of the law
that will ultimate in their physical translation."
~Charles Fillmore
Yes . . . All things are possible.
Do you believe?   Are you ready?