Overview of Chapters 11 - 20

Chapter 11   Dualities of the Physical
Anytime you separate yourself from God in thought, you seemingly separate yourself from God in
manifestation.  Those identifying primarily with the physical realm experience a variety of dualistic
appearances and experiences in their world of reality.  As one evolves spiritually, as one identifies with
the spiritual realm more and more, dualities fade into nothingness.  By letting go of all opposites you
allow the experience of true Oneness.

The reason so many people are still fascinated and satisfied with the world of dualities is because of an
addiction to the complexity and drama . . . and because they have yet to comprehend and appreciate the
harmonious oneness of the infinite spiritual realm.

Chapter 12   Time and Aging
There is no aging or degeneration in the realm of one’s personal reality when one has truly evolved into a
consciousness of timelessness.  There is no time or aging in Spirit.  There is no aging or degeneration in
the body of a spiritually-minded human.  The experience of timelessness is available to anyone according
to one’s own consciousness being aligned with the timelessness of the spiritual realm, with God.  As you
are in complete alignment with the timelessness of the spiritual realm, time will have come to an end for

Chapter 13   Divine Thoughts and Ideas
The mind is the gateway through which Truth finds entrance into our consciousness.  Thoughts in mind
open the door to an ever-expanding spiritual awareness and creative unfoldment.  Thoughts contain the
energy of the consciousness from which they originate.  Every thought is a prayer; it is living, creative
energy, and has the power to change something in the universe.  Become the master of your own mind.  
Cultivate the serenity of holy remembrance and life by training yourself to have thoughts of God, and be
aware of Spirit and Its aspects at all times.  Yes, focus upon the most beautiful things possible and your
world of reality will be as beautiful as your thoughts and ideas.

Chapter 14   Understanding Self
You are a child of God, created of God energy.  Therefore, that which is the nature of God is the nature
of yourself.  You are naturally composed of that which is truly immortal, sinless, deathless, changeless
and eternal . . . the image and likeness of God.  This divinity is the very life of you and yearns for total
freedom to express, to be.

Allow a conscious awareness of yourself, as a specialized expression of God, to unfold.  You can become
free of the delusionary belief that you are a mere human being, subject to the limitations which human
beings have imposed upon themselves, including the mortal-minded concepts of life and death.  You
innately have the capacity and ability to be free of all human limitations and become a Christ.

Chapter 15   Understanding Others
Think of everyone as a manifestation of all the attributes of God . . . beauty, purity, love, energy, health
and perfection . . . with no limits.  Some individuals may not always be expressing these attributes but
they are composed of them.  Everyone is a child of God.  Know that the light of God is an indwelling
attribute of everyone.

Remember to not judge anyone with condemnatory judgment, for it is universal law that the judgment you
judge by will be that with which you will be judged.  Honor all others for who they truly are.

Chapter 16   Understanding One’s Purpose
Our primary purpose is to surpass the limiting perceptions of humankind; to express the divine idea for
humanity; to return to conscious oneness with God. This leads to our consciously experiencing the
infiniteness of God . . . which is true freedom.

You are meant to be an expression through which the divine nature of God is perpetually revealed,
experienced, and enjoyed.  Because spiritual growth is so freeing, the most helpful thing to initially do is
be open to discovery, and be willing to learn.  Let your life be a continuous prayer of experiencing and
expressing true oneness with God.

Chapter 17   Loving Self
Love is the greatest attribute of God.  Love opens the doors to experiencing the infiniteness of God.  Any
vibrational frequency less than love does not belong in the body, or the mind.  Any thought or feeling less
than love causes disharmony, disease, degeneration, and death.  You can only fully experience the sacred
gifts and powers of God when you have become Christ-like love.  This love innately exists within each of
us, awaiting our activation and practice of it.  As one loves, one becomes love.  And the more evolved
one's love is, the greater the creative power and the more harmonious is life.

Chapter 18   Loving All People
As you know, it is written that Jesus taught, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  In the ancient
Aramaic language that Jesus spoke, neighbor means anyone of whom you’re thinking; anyone who comes
to mind.  Love and true forgiveness set you free to experience your divine purpose in peace and discover
even greater expanses of love.

Chapter 19   Loving All Things
Everything created by God and of God is good.  Look at, upon, and through everything with love.  Let all
that you do be done in love.  Let all that you experience be experienced with love.  Allow the nature of
your true being, which is love, to express . . . always.  To the degree that you allow love to move through
you and from you, all illusions of limitation, separation, and the need for forgiveness in your life will

Chapter 20   Appreciation and Gratitude
Let all that you experience be experienced with appreciation and gratitude.  Judge no one; condemn
nothing that happens.  You radiate outwardly that which you are throughout all that is, and only vibrations
of like kind travel back to you from all that is.

Learn and exercise the creative power of appreciation and gratitude.  As you are thankful and appreciate
all things, all things in your world that have not seemingly expressed total harmony can be immediately
transmuted and transformed into conditions of perpetual harmony.  As you are in alignment with the
principles of God, know that all is unfolding as it should for your journey home to God.

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