Overview of Chapters 1 - 10

The following is based on the premise that God is the omnipresent energy and intelligence from which
everything and everyone exists.  Every atom of your being is innately composed of this energy and
intelligence.  This energy is referred to with a few different names, but in this book and overview, It is
generally referred to as God, sometimes Spirit.  Regardless of what we call It, It is there, everywhere, for
us to acknowledge and align with, and we begin by choosing.

Chapter 1   Choosing God  
We are created by God, and of God, in the image and likeness of God, which is spiritual perfection.  We
are created to be and actually experience continuous spiritual perfection, which is a life of pure
sovereignty, love, harmony, and freedom.  If you desire to regain this perfection, you must choose to
align with the principles of God in every way.  Choosing God totally will fill your mind with a vision so
beautiful, so desirable, so attainable, you will never be satisfied with anything less than eternal, conscious
oneness with God.

Choosing to align with God totally is the initial catalyst on your path to experiencing true oneness with
God . . . Oneness for which your soul yearns.  Sooner or later, your individualized spirit shall return to this
Oneness of God from which it came.  And, returning to God can be accomplished without experiencing
death of your physical body.

The above is the first two paragraphs of chapter one.  You may notice the first statement does not say
that God created us.  It states that we are created by God and of God, meaning that we are naturally
composed of God energy.  As you ponder each statement, imagine being the image and likeness of God,
or exactness of God as ancient teachings conveyed!  
Feel the infiniteness of God, and who and what you
truly are.

Chapter 2   Understanding and Believing in God
This chapter offers a basic understanding of where and what God is:  God is the intelligence and energy
from which everything and everyone exists.  God is Spirit, the Spirit from which all things are composed.  
God is the atomic power from which every atom is composed.  The more you think about, and feel, the
infinite energy that God is, the greater is your belief, your understanding, and your enlightenment.  
Spiritual awakening pervades your entire being.  As your heart and consciousness believe, and
that God is the only power . . . all power . . . everywhere present, you naturally release any belief in a
power other than total good in your life.  It is the nature of God (the energy of which we each are
composed) for each of us to experience the allness that God is.

Chapter 3   The Wisdom of God
Quiet your body and your mind.  Open your awareness.  The omniscient wisdom of God is available to
you now.  Be receptive to the progressively higher consciousness that will flow through you.  The instant
you become silent in body and mind, you are attuned with harmony and accord, and that harmony and
accord is God.  With faith-filled practice, you can reactivate your sensitivity to where God’s voice
vibrates in your mind to such a degree leaving not a single doubt that you have heard its message with
unmistakable accuracy.

Be renewed by the spirit of your mind.  Let the same mind be active in you that is in Jesus, or any other
true master of life, which is the mind of God.  It is through the power of your own mind or thought action
that you are able to become aware of and realize the Christ consciousness.  There is an attunement, an
alignment of vibration, and an ever-greater comprehension and realization of spiritual wisdom.  The one
who makes that alignment will consciously experience the infiniteness of God.

Chapter 4   Loving God
Loving God and exemplifying that love is your greatest attribute leading toward understanding and
enjoying a life of harmony and self-mastery.  To love God with all one’s being is a catalyst for revealing
the true nature of all wisdom, the true nature of all power, the true nature of spiritual mastery.  This love
is the greatest healing, revealing, and transformational energy in existence.  As you are filled and
empowered with this love of God, and your consciousness and mind continuously abound with God
awareness, you radiate a harmonious energy that transforms every area of life.

Chapter 5   The Kingdom
The kingdom of God is at hand.  The kingdom of heaven is at hand.  The kingdom is God, the kingdom is
heaven, both of which are the same.  Heaven is a name for the omnipresence that God is.  The kingdom is
much more than material.  It is spirit . . . and it is experiential.  Yes, the kingdom is near you; all around
you.  The heart of your kingdom is within you; it is the heart of your soul.  Yes, the kingdom is
everywhere and everywhen that God is.  The moment you become free of all limiting concepts of
separation and judgments concerning the kingdom, you have infinite freedom to experience it.

Chapter 6   Christ and Jesus
The original intent of using the name Christ was to respectfully and appropriately identify the master
Jesus as one who represents, expresses, and exemplifies the Christ consciousness.  As one who
represents, expresses, and exemplifies true oneness with God, as God.  Christ is also our potential.  It is
the evolutionary destiny of everyone to be of the Christ consciousness . . . to be a Christ.

Chapter 7   Honoring Jesus and the Christ
Jesus Christ represents, expresses, and exemplifies the infinite energy of God in human form as well as
in Spirit.  Jesus is an example of the omnical (infinite) energy of God, the Christ, the light that is within
which is there to enlighten everyone.  Jesus was and is a most wonderful example, and we honor Jesus
and the Christ by living in alignment with his example and teachings.  By our developing and being of a
Christ consciousness, we are set free!  Free to experience and enjoy the infiniteness of God.

Chapter 8   Believe
Believe the teachings of Jesus and other masters of life.  People become like that with which they identify
themselves.  Your belief system is likened unto a prayer.  Be as though you believe your every
expression is an affirmation of that which already is.  Remember, as you believe in your heart, it shall be
done.  To assist your belief about you being master of your life, think and act as though you are actually a
Christ . . . as much as you can.

Chapter 9   Belief to Knowingness
Your belief is a stepping stone toward knowingness which, in turn, brings forth the manifestation of your
deepest and utmost desires.  Do all you can to assist your knowingness with bringing forth the divine
manifestation of your deepest and utmost desires . . . the desires of your soul, of the soul you are.  Each
knowingness your consciousness evolves into is a step to even greater knowing.  As you open your mind
to the ever-greater and progressive steps of knowingness, you progressively experience and enjoy a life
of freedom, harmony, peace, and the greatest of love . . . fulfillment.

Chapter 10   Knowing and Sharing the Truth
Prepare yourself to know, live and be the Truth to the degree that you will not be influenced by limiting
cultural hypnosis.  The master Jesus taught that if you believe as he did, you will also do the miraculous
things he did, and will continue doing that which transcends physical nature as you realize your true
Oneness with God.  Never try to force this knowledge on the minds of others, but certainly share when
invited or asked.  As you actually change, your countenance and your presence, your behavior and your
works will speak for you.

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