Chapter 21   The Holiness of Being
When a choice is made to identify only with the physical senses, to believe one is only a limited, mortal
human who must live subject to the laws of the physical realm, pain, suffering, and disharmony are always
the result.  This is so unnecessary.  As much as you can, align yourself with the principles of God, the
principles of Life.  As much as you can, feel what living this holy life is like.

Accept the divine law of grace (see Chapter 27, entitled Grace); accept yourself as the holy, spiritual
Being you truly are.  Allow the holiness of your inner Christ to unfold in all areas of your life.  There isn’t
anything that can hold you back once you’ve decided to do it.

Chapter 22   The Soul and Its True Purpose
The soul is immeasurable, immaterial, more than the human mind can define.  All knowledge, throughout
all time and beyond, exists within the soul.  Your soul is a repository of your personal experiences within
the realm of time . . . and beyond.  Your soul is your individualized spirit.  It is the essence of your spiritual
Self, the real Self . . . the essence of God.  Therefore, the pure, innate intelligence of your soul is identical
with the intelligence of God.  

Yes, your soul is God expressing.  Listen to your soul.  It contains complete memory of perfect, omnical
life as it was before the beginning.  You must go within . . . and remember.  The heart of your soul is the
heart of your kingdom -- your kingdom of God, your kingdom of heaven, your kingdom of harmony.
So . . .
Let your sole desire be your soul’s desire.

Chapter 23   Understanding Faith
Faith in and of spiritual things is the catalyst for the most advanced level of knowingness.  Faith is the
basic principle of creation.  Faith is the perceiving and foreseeing power of the mind and consciousness.  
All manifestation is the evidence of faith whether that faith is conscious, or whether it is subconsciously
stored in the mind, or the cells of the body.

Faith is the power to see the visible in the invisible; the power to call the invisible into the visible.  Faith is
also the power to cause that which is visible to become invisible; to change that which is physical to that
which is spirit.  It is through faith that we can create and experience infinite formlessness of ourselves and
have the ability to fully experience God, as God.

Chapter 24   Using Faith
Know that whatever you identify with, you experience . . . you become.  Therefore, continue to develop
your faith with focus and intensity in the spiritual direction.  Spiritual faith is developed through a
dedicated desire to know and experience Truth.  Spiritual faith is developed through understanding, and
aligning with, the divine laws of life.  As faith is developed, it becomes awareness, which is cognizant
consciousness, which is wisdom and power.  You experience life according to your deeply-held faith.

Yes, spiritual understanding and faith change perceptions of mystery into a consciousness of mastery.

Chapter 25   Understanding Prayer
There is so much to say about prayer.  Prayer is much more than words; and much more than the following
words describe.

There are different kinds of prayer.  There is intentional prayer which is a predominant focus on the
desired outcome of the things important to you, or to someone else.  Intentional prayer links one in a very
personal way with God.  It is communion with God, increasingly awakening your spiritual consciousness.

Entering into the silence is a prayer.  In the silence, you enter the kingdom within from where divine
intuition is experienced, where the voice of God is experienced, where believing becomes knowing.

Asking is prayer.  It can be a prayer that your consciousness aligns with God; a prayer that you realize
God is available as
all in every moment.

Every thought is a prayer; it is creative energy.  Whatever you identify with is your prayer and becomes
your conscious experience.

The yearning of your soul is a prayer, although it honors your free-will choice.

Consciousness is the most effective, effortless prayer.  Your prayers are answered according to your
consciousness, whether you are cognizant of it or not.  

Prayer is accumulative and creates cumulative results.  Let your prayers accumulate toward the
realization of your greatest potential.  From this moment on, let your life be a continuous prayer of
experiencing true oneness with God . . . true freedom with God.

Remember, your prayers are answered according to many factors which include your perceptions of God,
yourself, the situation, and your consciousness.

Chapter 26   Using Prayer
Continue to develop prayer in your life.  Remember, everything you have the consciousness to experience
is a prayer and creates your reality as well as everything you think, say, and believe.  Be of pure intent
and pure integrity.  As much as you can, feel and act as though you have already experienced your intent .
. . your desire.  You are continuously expressing your prayer
and continuously expressing, and
experiencing, the results of your prayer.

Be in conscious communication with God.  Pray always for a greater measure of God awareness.  Pray
and live your life so that your mind is always filled with the conscious awareness of God.  When you pray,
verbally or in silence, from the innermost center of your being, the very center of your soul, you are in
harmony with the divine mind and powers of God.  Your soul yearns for you to create instantly and at will,
and only that which is totally harmonious, joyful, beautiful, and of divine love.  Let your thoughts, the
yearning of your soul, and God’s way . . . or ideal, be as one.  It is the way to true freedom.

Chapter 27   Grace
Grace is a name for the all-encompassing love and forgiving nature of God.  This beautiful attribute of
God does not move to punish, but to release you from the effects of your mistakes.  Yes, grace is free and
all-encompassing forgiveness . . . transformation . . . wisdom . . . love . . . and life.  You do not have to earn
it.  You need only to be in alignment with, and cooperate with, the nature of God.  You experience grace
according to your consciousness being open to accept it.  The instant you fully accept grace, you are free
from bondage of any kind.

Chapter 28   Translation
As Truth is increasingly revealed and accepted, there is an increased activation of Spirit, and great, new
things begin to happen.  The Spirit within is likened unto a spark, waiting for your love-filled
consciousness to touch its desire and ignite it.  It happens!  The Spirit within suddenly ignites into a flame,
and then into an all-consuming fire as you consciously become all that you truly are . . . infinite Spirit.  
This is translation.

Translation is a biblical term meaning change, referring to when the physical body becomes the vibrational
frequency of Christ-like love, and at one’s discretion the body is changed into Spirit without experiencing
death of the body.  Translation is the term used to describe, both, when the physical body changes into
Spirit, and when the physical body is materialized again . . . changing back and forth . . . all according to
one’s discretion as to what is appropriate.  

It is written that Jesus taught, “The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear the sound of it, but you do
not know where it comes from or where it goes.  So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

Yes, translation is the ultimate enlightenment of the physical body.  And this posting refers primarily to
the initial translation . . . translating into infinite Spirit.

Translation is becoming totally identified with our true Self, God (Remember, we are naturally composed
with God energy.), and releasing all limiting belief and identity with a physical world.

Translation is becoming re-spiritualized (Remember, we were once pure Spirit.); regaining the spiritual
perfection that we all were created to be.

Translation is being so settled into our oneness with God that all our activity is done with the awareness of
God, and that all our awareness is the activity of God, around us, in us, through us, and as us.

Translation is being fully aware and experiencing that there never has been and never will be anything
except God, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Translation is when earthborn beings leave their slow, limiting, physical ways and change, moving beyond
mortality and gravity and all other physical conditions into a higher vibration of spiritual life.

Translation is a natural phenomenon as one moves from living solely with human identity and lives wholly
in Christ consciousness.

Yes, being translated is ultimate freedom for the soul.  And translation is accomplished without
experiencing death of the physical body.

Translation is the result of a change in consciousness: from mortal-minded consciousness to God
consciousness; from all limiting physical delusion into infinite Holy Spirit; from an illusion of separateness
into conscious Oneness with God, as God . . . pure God energy.  This high point of attainment is not at all
difficult to reach.  It is very simple and easy as you understand certain principles of life, and cooperate
with them.

The purpose of translation . . . is to be all that we are created to be; to experience true oneness with God;
to experience the infiniteness of God, as pure God energy.  Translating into pure Godness is the fulfilling
of our soul’s desire.

The book offers much more detail about translation, about the preparation for it, and about some of the
attributes of being translated.  It also gives examples of some of those who have translated.  There is
nothing theoretical about translation.

Chapter 29   Oneness of the Spiritual
In the spiritual realm, there are no judgments, no opposites, no paradoxes.  There is only love, only
harmony, only oneness.  Yes, Oneness!  As you form an affinity with God through spiritual understanding
and identity, you will find you are experiencing ever-increasing oneness, and any perceived or illusionary
boundary line between you and God totally disappears.  With pure motive, you must
live life as Christ-like
as you can, and you will bring forth that life to which the name Christ is given. The moment you truly
establish oneness with God, the Christ stands forth with dominance. And . . . the moment you exalt
oneness of Spirit, oneness with your innate Christ spirit, you will find yourself exalted and oneness
already existing.

Remember, oneness is an eternally established fact in divine principle and it is complete within Itself.  It
needs nothing else.  So, look through the eyes of your inborn Christ spirit, the Christ of true oneness . . .
and develop an affinity with infinity.

Chapter 30   Spirit Does Not Die
Spirit is not subject to time.  That which is truly spiritual does not age, or die.  Time and physicality exist
only as illusionary realms within the great, timeless spiritual realm, and are not real.  Keep your attention
focused on that which is true and spiritual.  Be persistent, not resistant.  If you would live with these ideals
always foremost, any inharmonious condition or circumstance in your life could change in a few days . . .
perhaps within a moment.  Only if you measure life with your own limited perceptions, thoughts, and ideas
is it limited in its manifestation through you.  Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the
renewing of your mind.  Remember, you are actually a timeless, spiritual being who has been only
experiencing a realm of time.  You are composed of Spirit, and Spirit does not die!

Chapter 31   No More Physical Death
Yes, Beloved, it is true that death never has been and never will be the way to experience true, eternal
oneness with God.  God is living energy.  God is living Spirit.  God does not die, and you are composed of
God energy.  As you are truly one with God, there is freedom, there is perpetual life.  To experience true
eternal oneness with God, one must be of a God-consciousness, and this is not attained through death.  
Know that you do not need to experience death of your physical body again.

There is no natural law of death.  Death is not natural . . . but it has become normal and acceptable to
those of mortal consciousness.  People continue to experience death . . . because of belief that death is a
certainty; . . . because of not cooperating with, or aligning with, certain principles of life; . . . because of a
cellular consciousness of unworthiness of true, eternal life; . . . because of a lack of understanding
concerning translation and eternal life; . . . because of a lack of faith in translation and eternal life.  All
degeneration and destruction of one’s life will become non-existent as one cooperates and lives according
to spiritual law.

Chapter 32   Eternal Life
What if you could regain the spiritual perfection that you once were?  What if you could be re-
spiritualized?  As you may know, there are those who have literally believed and lived by the principles
described in this book to the degree that they have translated.  They have shown us the way.  Know that
you, too, can translate in this lifetime with your present embodiment.  You must be dedicated; you must be
a master of dedication in order to be a master of life.  Let the way of God and your perpetual desire be
identical.  Let the Spirit of Life which is innately stored in the cells of your body set you free!

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