Overview of Chapters 33 - 46

Chapter 33   Preparing the Body
Your body is an instrument through which to experience and express God.  Therefore, glorify God in your
body.  Present your body as a living instrument, with integrity.  Life with a physical body is an opportunity
to overcome limitation and unfold into the spiritual realm.  False beliefs about the body have closed the
mind to its radiance and infinite capabilities.  Learn what it takes to honor and take good care of your

The body is the vehicle in which conscious awareness is refined, and where illusion and separation are
overcome.  It is in and through the body that all challenges to our Christ consciousness and spiritual
perfection are transcended.  Be most discerning concerning what substances and other energies you allow
in your body; not only food and drink, but also sounds, visions, thoughts, feelings, etc.  And equally
important, perhaps more so, is the cleansing and renewing of any cellular memories, whether you are
consciously aware of them or not.  Let all your thoughts, your consciousness, your entire energy field, be
filled with creative energy supporting your soul’s desire.

Chapter 34   You are Worthy
You are worthy to experience the very best of life.  Therefore, live your life so that you know you deserve
the very best.  As you live your life in alignment with the principles of God, and
know that you are worthy,
you will find yourself experiencing an increasingly greater and greater life.

Chapter 35   Be God-like
Let any thoughts, or subconscious programming, of aging and death of your physical body be consciously
changed to thoughts of agelessness and spiritual immortality.  Be God-like with all of your thoughts.  The
more God-like the thought, the realization, and the consciousness, the greater the power involved, and
you will have regained your omnipotency.  Expand your awareness so you always know that God is
expressing through you, as you, every moment.  Know that you are evolving into the awareness of your

Chapter 36   Detaching from the Physical
Spiritual law is that every human shall relinquish all physical things with which there is an attachment,
including other humans, in order to know true oneness with all.  You must let go of the physical to fully
experience the spiritual; you must let go of the limited to fully experience holy life unlimited.  The
releasing of the personal, of all attachment and co-dependency, marks the accent of the spiritual, the
evolution into real freedom.  A Christ always rises above physical manifestation to true, spiritual
consciousness.  You cannot rise above physical manifestation while still being attached to it.  All releasing
can be done in harmony with all and everything concerned if you have the consciousness for it to be done
with harmony.  Do all that you can do to not be a slave to the physical world and its way of thinking and
living.  Let the soul you are come forth and take charge.

Chapter 37   Free from Mortality
Sooner or later, during this lifetime or another, everyone will experience the dissatisfaction of the
physical realm with its limitations and its mortal consciousness.  Sooner or later, everyone will align their
entire beingness with their indwelling Christ, with their soul’s yearning for freedom.  Sooner or later,
everyone will experience a sense of completion concerning all wants and desires of attachment to the
limiting, physical realm.  Everyone will know that they can enjoy true freedom in the spiritual realm
without experiencing death of their physical body.

You can not fully experience the spiritual realm if you believe in, and accept, the limitations of the
physical realm.  We unfold in our journey of immortality, infiniteness, and oneness by being in complete
harmony with the flow of Spirit; by living the way of God.

Chapter 38   Focusing the Vision
We are much more than the mind of a physical being can imagine oneself to be.  We are so much more
than any mere physical idea, even an idea of physical perfection.  Yet, it is our mind that leads us to what
we experience.  We become what we image ourselves to be.  We become the image of that which we have
focused upon.  What are you focused upon?  What is your mind imaging?

Your mind is the catalyst for determining your spiritual awareness and your quality of life.  Your mind is
the catalyst for changing your consciousness, even the consciousness of every cell of your body.  Your
mind creates your perceptual reality, both physically and spiritually.  Focusing on the Truth of God moves
the mind beyond the physical and into the spiritual, unlocking spiritual memories, opening and changing
one’s cellular consciousness.  Focusing on the Truth of God transforms the mind out of any illusionary,
hypnotic state of the physical.

Allow yourself to move beyond the elementary teachings of life.  Assist your mind and your consciousness
with awakening to infinite life.  Visualize the wonderful spiritual realm of God that is immediately
available for you to experience completely beginning right here and now.  Continue to envision the
infiniteness of God.  Envision what it is like to live without limits, to translate and be translated, to go and
come like the wind, and let that vision be a balance of details and simplicity.  Think and live as though you
have actually and consciously had this glorified experience.  As you allow this vision to expand in you with
all the detail you can imagine, it will expand forever.

Chapter 39   Writing About That Vision
Create a vision of a Christ consciousness, of being and knowing oneness with God.  Write a well defined,
clear statement which declares this as your primary purpose . . . knowing the allness of God, experiencing
the fullness of God.  Then, clarify and enhance that statement regularly as your awareness expands.  Step
into your vision.  Experience living totally from the visualized Christ consciousness.

Yes, create a holy thought . . . and let it expand . . . and let it become a living experience in your
perceptual reality.  Envision yourself being a master of life, a Christ, consciously being one with God.  
Writing about your vision will help you to extend, expand, and focus your vision.  It is a most wonderful
mind-stretching and consciousness-expanding exercise.

Chapter 40   Expanding Mind and Consciousness
Know that you have a mind capable of instruction which may be awakened and expanded in proportion to
the heed and diligence given to the Christ within, God, omniscient Holy Spirit.  From focused attention to
the Divine within – within every cell of your body – an inner awareness is awakened.  This awareness is of
Spirit, holy, omniscient Spirit, and this experience of God realization transforms your consciousness

Spiritual realization has its conception in one’s mind.  Mind is one’s initial, conscious, connecting link to
God realization.  It is through your mind that you begin to realize the oneness of the physical and the
spiritual in your realm of conscious experience.

Your mind is the doorway into God-consciousness, into ever greater realizations and knowledge of the
allness of God.  Your mind is the gateway through which Truth finds entrance into your human
consciousness and guides you inward to an ever increasing awareness that you are composed of God
energy with infinite abilities.  As you are receptive to the principles of God, your mind is capable of
comprehending greater and greater awareness and consciousness. As your awareness opens to the
infiniteness and perfection of God, the clearer is your understanding.

Consciousness is the creative and directive power which unites the realms of spirit and matter to reveal
the kingdom of God here and now.  
Consciousness has no limits.  All creation is nothing other than the
result of the directive power of consciousness.  Yes, the body responds to mind energy, but even more,
the body corresponds with consciousness.  Thought is a great creative power produced by the mind, but
one rises above this method of creating change as one evolves in consciousness.  Consciousness is the
effortless way of creating, while mind thought is a directive activity.

Expand your mind and consciousness.  Increase your perception and awareness of God, trust totally in the
grace of God, and you will be spiritualized . . . free! . . . infinite! . . . translated.

Chapter 41   Continuing to Focus
As you focus on any ideal that you desire to become through true reverence, worship, and praise, you
become that which you focus upon.  Things naturally change when enough energy is nucleated and you
have expressed the form, or formlessness, of the ideal you have focused upon.  You attract to you that
which resonates with you and you attract it with corresponding intensity.  Resonating energy harmonizes
with the energy you are, creating a vibratory correlation, and thus is the life you experience.  Yes,
Beloved, focus upon the most freeing and beautiful things possible, and your world of reality will be as
free and beautiful as your thoughts and ideals are.

Chapter 42   Cooperating With Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit is the intelligent, divine energy which creates, pervades, and supports the entire universe.  
Holy Spirit is omnipresent omniscience and omnipotence.  Holy Spirit is God. God is Holy Spirit.  Holy
Spirit is always available to guide you; to be your teacher.  Cooperate with Spirit as much as you can.  
Align yourself with Its teachings and guidance.  Be aware of Holy Spirit perpetually imbuing every aspect
of your being.  Through Holy Spirit all that is knowable is known.

There could not be life without Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is eternal. With your cooperation, any slowed-down
body cells are quickened by Spirit to youthful, yet mature, energy cells.  It is the activity of Holy Spirit
that heals, harmonizes, and perpetuates life.  And . . . when you become still, as in meditation, Holy Spirit
can breathe you and activate your entire being with expanded conscious awareness.  Conscious
awareness is cumulative.  So step right through the veil of illusion and live one with Spirit, as Spirit . . . in
all ways . . . for always.  Cooperate and be open to all the Holy Spirit energy that your emotional, mental,
physical body can harmoniously handle.

Chapter 43   Learning All the Lessons
You can learn all the lessons harmoniously that you were born to learn by being of a consciousness and a
having knowingness that this will be, and is being done . . . done with total harmony.  Simply establish it to
be with harmony.  Many lessons can be learned without living through, or having to process the
experiences that many of a human consciousness think are necessary.  It is not necessary to struggle
through a lengthy process in order to experience true spirituality.  It is only necessary to be in alignment
and cooperate with certain laws of life, be open . . . and know that through the grace of God you do not
have to earn the learning.

Yes, you can do it!  You can learn all the lessons as instantly and as harmoniously as you have the
consciousness to learn them.

Chapter 44   Changing With Harmony, Ease, and Speed
Spiritual awareness, acceptance, and identity with God create a natural, harmonious conversion in one’s
experience.  Allow the complete experience of progressively identifying with your spiritual Self to take
place harmoniously. Your experience is as harmonious, effortless, and as fast as you have the
consciousness for it to be.  Remember, what you experience as your reality is the result of your belief
system and your consciousness.  Therefore, establish a knowingness that all evolutionary changes will be
done with harmony, ease, and speed.

And remember, change concerning spiritual things is not something to be sought; there is nothing to
actually change, only to be realized.  Realization of Truth, of God, naturally transforms our lives.  When
you understand the divine laws of life and live in cooperation with these laws, you naturally experience
harmonious freedom.

Chapter 45   Preparing for Mastery
It is not beyond your capacity to comprehend these principles and be a master of Life.  Listen to your
soul, the real you.  Identify with your soul, the Christ of your Being.  Develop a Christ consciousness.  It’s
good to be a seeker, but sooner or later, you have to be a finder.  You must move from living solely with
human identity to living wholly with Christ consciousness in order to be a true master.  

Prepare yourself in every way to be a master of Life.  Continue to arrange all your earthly affairs so you
feel total free to be a master, and free to translate.  Be dedicated.  And remember integrity.  In every
aspect of your life be of utmost integrity.  You must be a master of integrity, as well as a master of
dedication, in order to be a master of Life.   And like other masters of Life, you will have arrived at the
point where you know that you
are the power and the glory of God.  You are then experiencing true
Oneness; and that you are a true master.

Chapter 46   The Path Can Be Easy
The path can be so easy to travel because it is straight and narrow.  Through misperception and
misunderstanding, many have perceived the path to be long and hard, but it does not have to be.  You
need not rush off along unnecessary by-paths that use up your energy and strength.  It is not necessary to
follow any teacher step by step from where they began because they have cleared the way.  Your work is
but to accept as being true what they have proved as true.  This is a journey of simply aligning with the
divine laws of Life, the divine laws of God.  Know that you are worthy to travel this straight and narrow
way to freedom with ease.

Anyone who travels this path is traveling a most glorified road of self-revelation.  And no one can travel
this divine straight and narrow way without reaching divinity.

A Review of the Path
Congratulations on traveling the path thus far toward your being a master of Life.  This is a good time for
a review.  This 16-page section contains a concise review of key aspects of the path covered so far.

As you can see, it takes a beautiful blend of beautiful ingredients all coming together in proper sequence
with harmony and synchronicity.  There’s divine discontent, desire, and yearning; there’s understanding,
focus, dedication, and faith; there’s appreciation, gratitude, and all-encompassing love; there’s
visualization, knowledge, and acceptance, and there’s Christ-like integrity.

Allowing these ingredients to harmoniously blend and perpetually actualize as your life will naturally bring
you into true mastery.  Know that you are on the path to becoming a master of Life, and know that you
are being divinely blessed as you continue.

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