Overview of Chapters 47 - 56

Chapter 47   If One Must Tell Others
If you feel it is appropriate to share your innermost thoughts and feelings about you personally experiencing
mastery and translation, do so only with someone of compatible consciousness, who represents support,
wisdom, and understanding.  You must learn to know when to share and when to keep silent . . . and not
scatter your power and energy.  During certain stages of preparing for translation, energy can be released
and wasted by discussing it with non-supporting individuals.  Do not dissipate the creative power of your
intentions by prematurely sharing them with the world.  If you feel it is appropriate to discuss your
intentions, or aspirations, use prayerful consideration with whom you share.  And . . . never seek to force
such knowledge on the minds of others; only share as directed by the Spirit of God within.  As you actually
change, your countenance and your presence, your behavior and your works, will speak for you.

Chapter 48   More Preparation
Assist the transitioning of your consciousness by consciously allowing your mind’s thoughts, feelings, and
programming to evolve moment by moment.  Intensify your desire to know and control your thoughts and
words.  Consecrate your every thought, word, and feeling.  Learn to immediately surrender any judgment,
defense, fear, or comparison.

Everything one expresses is a derivative of one’s own cellular consciousness, one’s own subconscious
programming.  Until one makes the choice for authentic, spiritual identity, which is God consciousness, most
expressions and actions come from human programming.  But cellular and subconscious programming can
be changed, and when one makes the choice of identifying with God consciousness and surrenders the self-
ego, one exemplifies life from Christ orientation.  Be dedicated with your choice of choosing God . . . of
choosing to become one with God, as God.

Chapter 49   On Toward Perfection
All things must begin to be done from here on with focus wholly single to the glory of God, if you are to
experience the fullness and freedom of God.  Identify with being a Christ. Envision being a Christ.  As much
as you can,
feel what it is like living as a Christ.  Continuously be in conscious communication with God.  Be
focused on the spiritual realm of eternal freedom and Oneness.  As you contemplate only the wonders of
God, the love of God, the infiniteness of God . . . you are destined to personally actualize that which you
have contemplated.

Remember, regardless of where you are in consciousness, it is only a steppingstone into the infiniteness of
God.  Do not proclaim at any time that, as an individualized expression of God, you have reached the
ultimate perfection as long as you are still subject to the limits of human-minded consciousness.  When you
have reached perfection, your behavior, your works, your countenance, your presence will speak for you.

Also, when an individual is truly established in Christ consciousness, every moment is worship, every
thought is meditation, every word is a mantra, every feeling is love.  And life becomes greater than anything
the human mind can imagine.

Chapter 50   Continuing to Change
Allness is the nature of God.  When one, as a limited, human consciousness, explores that allness, one’s
consciousness naturally changes and unfolds.  The concept of self with which you identify is constantly
changing in your journey to Oneness, your return to home . . . where all individualities began.  This
transformation is an unfolding of who you truly are.  By aligning with unchanging, divine principle, you
create without limits or disharmony in the spiritual realm of the divine.  Aligning with divine principle is the
way that all progressive transformation and translation is realized and brought forth.

Chapter 51   The Christ Consciousness
In order to bring forth the Christ, one must know the Christ within oneself; then must live the life of a Christ
. . . and the Christ appears.  It is our natural way of evolving . . . and our natural way of living.  Develop the
Christ consciousness much the same as Jesus and other masters of life have done.  Your consciousness is
the key.  Free your consciousness . . . and you experience freedom.  One in Christ consciousness knows no
limitation, knows only infinity.  When one has fully reached the Christ consciousness, one has not only found
the kingdom, but has become One with the kingdom . . . and is no longer seeking.

Chapter 52   Divine Knowingness
As you evolve into the spiritual realm, you realize that spiritual communication is in the realm of deep, inner
stillness.  Practice this stillness within yourself.  Be still and listen.  Be still and learn.  Be still and know.  
One gains mastery by listening to the deepest facts of one’s own inner nature and by being in alignment with
what one learns there.  Mastership is bringing to the surface what is within and incorporating it as actuality.

Every true master is fully conscious of all that transpires in and throughout the universe.  A knowingness is
developed.  This knowingness is of Spirit.  Spirit is Omniscient; Spirit is Oneness, so there is no need for
communication.  There is simply a knowingness which is beyond thought, feeling, or vibration.  Think about
this . . . and practice being there.

Chapter 53   Being Love
Love is the greatest healing and revealing, harmonizing and spiritualizing, energy in existence.  It is already
omnipresent, and therefore, you are naturally composed of it with its infinite qualities.  It needs only to be
activated by your thoughts, feelings, and consciousness to become your conscious, constant reality.  Practice
daily assisting with the activation of love throughout the fibers and tissues and cells of your body, and train
your entire atomic structure to respond until you can continuously hold your entire being in this vibrating
essence of love and light.  It is through this love of God that the whole body is closely and firmly united and
works properly with guidance and control in order to complete the edifying of the body.

As love flows through your consciousness, it flows through your body, and your whole body responds and
becomes harmonized.  Your soul expresses its radiance.  Your mind becomes enlightened.  Your thought
becomes keen, alive, brilliant, and definite.  Your word becomes positive, true, and constructive.  Your flesh
is renewed, purified and quickened.  Your affairs are adjusted and all things assume their true and orderly
position.  Your body is obedient to Spirit, and it expresses Spirit.  You become so filled with love that . . . that
you become love, Christ love.

Christ love is always pure; it cannot be changed by human ways; it is impossible to pretend.  All-
encompassing Christ love sets you free . . . free to fulfill your purpose in peace and harmony, free to fully
experience your spiritual destiny.  The radiance of love is so strong from one who is filled with Christ love
that no inharmonious energy can possibly touch the one so filled.  Yes, love so much that you become love,
Christ love.

Chapter 54   The Body Changes
As one learns to love with all one’s soul, every cell of one’s being is glorified with love and trained to hold
and contain light.  Everyone is composed of this latent energy, which is just waiting to be acknowledged and
activated.  The very cells of one’s body are loaded with qualities, which if activated and released, would
bring one into such a greater vibration of lovelight that it would be indescribable.  So, with the love that you
are, visualize light . . . becoming light . . . being light . . . lovelight . . . being spiritualized.  When your body
vibrates in tune with Spirit vibrations, you become light vibrations.  As you become conscious of these
vibrations, you are on your way to a far greater experience than any other could be.  The light of Christ
begins to glow in you and becomes a new, warm, comforting inner presence.  Every cell, even every atom, of
your body begins to change from darkness and density and confusion to light and understanding and
knowingness.  You will know beyond all doubt that this is the Light of God.  You will no longer be celled up
with cell life; rather, you will be excelling with infinite life.

Chapter 55   From Physical to Spiritual
When your attention is singly focused on God, your whole body shall be full of light . . . lovelight.  This
lovelight increases to the point that suddenly, by the time your human mind becomes conscious of it, your
whole body is already filled with light.  Every cell, every atom, of your body actually becomes light, and is
empowered, in-lightened, and activated with spiritual understanding and wisdom.  Then, as you radiate
vibrational frequencies and are completely attuned with those frequencies, you are invisible to those who
express with a lower vibrational frequency.  When your body vibrates with the speed of light, you become
invisible to those who cannot see light, those of physical, mortal-minded consciousness.

Recognizing your divinity, calling It forth from within, and having complete faith in this power is what it
takes to begin Its activation.  You will feel the activation of Spirit, a pulsating vibration, or a vibrating
pulsation, within and throughout your body.  As quickly as you can, acclimate to this vibration.  Let it
become the norm, and then, be ready for an even greater vibration.  With each occurrence you become the
greater vibration as it is incorporated into your beingness.  This will continue until you experience the
ultimate baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 56   A Greater Dimension
Tune in on the infinite dimension.  You know now that it does exist . . . and that you can become it.  Now . . .
be attuned with the God energy of which you are composed.  Allow the indwelling Christ that you are to
come forth and be glorified.  Know that you are responding to the yearning of your soul.  Know that you are
returning home . . . returning to who and what you truly are.  Feel and act as though you have already
It.  If you want It, you must become one with It.  That is all.

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