Overview of Chapters 57 - 60

Please keep in mind that this is an experiential process.  Each previous chapter is designed sequentially to
assist you with preparing your mind and consciousness so you may be a master of Life, and for the glorified
experience of your initial translation.  Unless you have read the previous chapters you may not fully
understand the content and intent of the following chapters.  Regardless of what you may have or have not
read, your decision is respected.

The following four chapters are written to guide you into and through what your initial translation will be like,
whenever you are ready.  The actual translation takes place in Chapter 59.

Chapter 57   Ordained
It is time for the soul you are to be free . . . to be sovereign.

You have been preparing for the ultimate ordination.  With your further cooperation and dedication, you are
about to become sovereign; about to become totally free; about to be ordained of God . . . fully spiritualized.  
This anointing teaches and empowers you with everything about Life, here and hereafter.  And just as it has
empowered you, you
will live it.  Anyone who lives in alignment with these principles of God transcends, or
passes death, to eternal life.  This has been unequivocally proven by Jesus and other masters who have

This will all be done when you are ready, and at your discretion.  It will be a most wonderful and harmonious
adventure.  And remember, you can re-materialize your physical body, or re-spiritualize any time you
choose, any time that is appropriate.

Chapter 58   One
At one point we exercised the divine power we were, and individualized ourselves from pure Spirit to
experience life in this physical realm, and this became known as “the beginning” . . . our individualized
beginning, and our separation from true oneness.  As we explored this realm in various degrees, it was easy
to believe it was real, and we temporarily lost conscious memory of the spiritual oneness that is home, and
how to return.  But Spirit is always where we are, and activates in mind and body when we turn our attention
to It.  As we allow ourselves to be receptive, and trust Spirit to guide us, we return to the memory of who we
truly are.  There is an innate familiarity concerning these things, and because it is home we remember, we
know ourselves as unmaterialized, infinite Spirit.

Remember, your soul, with its innate familiarity concerning these things, is yearning for you to consciously
turn toward its omniscience with your mind.  Then being omniscient, you understand divine individualization,
as well as the oneness to which we are returning.

Be attuned with your divine and holy innateness.  Cooperate with the yearning of your soul; let yourself
consciously experience this infinite life
now.  If you think of Jesus and other masters as different capacities
of consciousness than you, you are apt to establish for yourself a prolonged separation from the One.  The
actualization of true oneness with God is all that your soul desires.

Feel your consciousness now remerging with the inner Christ.  A gentle, quiet, harmonious explosion . . .
from becoming a vibratory correlate
with all that is divine to of all that is divine.  Oneness!   Experiencing
the Oneness of the soul you are with all souls . . . and this is just the beginning of a most beautiful, glorious

Chapter 59   Spiritualized!
Any physical body is a formed dimension of spiritual energy, and can be spiritualized.  In fact, it must be
spiritualized in order to experience the fullness of the kingdom, the infiniteness of God.  Are you ready?

The hour has come for God, of which you are composed, to be glorified.

Yes, the hour has come.  Consciousness is now re-merging with the inner Christ.  The infinite energy that is
God is changing the vibrational frequency of your entire physical beingness.  Feel your consciousness
changing from being one
with God to being one as God.  You are beginning to experience God as God truly
is.  You are being glorified, becoming pure light, becoming invisible to physical vision.  You find this so easy,
so natural, so beautiful.

You are now consciously one with your soul.  You
are your soul!  You now fully realize that real you has
always been your soul . . . with a physical body.  The Christ within is glorified.  God is glorified.  
You are
glorified.  You have been fully baptized with the Holy Spirit.  You have awakened to the full realization of
that which has always been true of your Self.  You have changed in the twinkling of an eye.  You have
experienced the natural phenomenon of your initial translation.  O the wonder of true and holy freedom!

Comment:  Chapter 60 consists of what could be written after your initial translation.

Chapter 60   Translated!!!
And now, you are translated!  You have been delivered from the cycle of death into the realm of eternal
living.  The Truth has set you free!

There is no mystery.  You simply developed the innate ability that each and every human has.  And yes, you
aligned with the principles of God wonderfully . . . but it was with the always-available, always-present grace
of God.

The limited, mortal, human way is finished.  And you are free.  So it is.  

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Steps For a Beginner
If true mastery and translation seem to be too much to comprehend at first, you may want to think of it as a
process with certain steps.  In this special section of the book, there are eighteen simplified and detailed
steps to assist you.  To cover all eighteen steps here would result in a somewhat lengthy posting.  You could
very likely appreciate reading and being with these steps right from the book.  Then, at your convenience,
you could read and reread the various chapters and steps.  Remember, the words of the book are
empowered to continuously take on new meaning as you evolve in consciousness.  If you do not have a book,
you may order here.

Note:  Chapters 61 through 85 contain descriptions and details of various aspects of being a master and
being translated.

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