Overview of Chapters 61 - 85

This section contains descriptions and details of various aspects of being a spiritual master, of being
translated, and translating back and forth . . . from a physical embodiment to being Spirit, and from Spirit to
having a physical embodiment, again . . . and again and again.

Chapter 61   Being Spirit
When your body has translated, when it is spiritualized, you are Spirit, pure Spirit.  You are “born of the
Spirit.”  You are infinite Spirit; not confined to space or time.  You are not limited to a physical body, or to
this planet, or to this universe.  This oneness is where and what Jesus and other masters of Life are.  
Imagine being the melodious rhythm of holy freedom, Holy Spirit.

Chapter 62   Being Light
God is Light . . . pure Light.  You were created from It.  You have always been composed of It.  When you
translate into the oneness of God, you are not only full of light, you are translated into light.  You will know
beyond all doubt that this is the Light of God, the Light of Christ.  This enlightenment is the final attainment
on the spiritual path in the physical realm, as the limited, physical senses of self re-merge into supreme

Yes, this is the ultimate in-lightenment of the physical body and mind.  It is far greater than any other
physical experience can be.  Know and accept that this light does exist and let it come forth.

Chapter 63   Omniscient
When you are translated into the Allness of God, you become One . . . and One is omniscient.  The
consciousness that has become enlightened with this Light of God knows and comprehends all things.  You
fully comprehend all that transpires in and throughout the universe.  Spiritual understanding and
transformation change any sense of mystery into omniscience.  And you always know what is appropriate to
adjust, heal, or harmonize, for you are omniscient.

Chapter 64   No Religion
Translation is realized and actualized without a dependency on a religion.  As an example, it appears to many
that Jesus was not dependent on a religion.  He simply believed, taught, and exemplified pure spiritual
principles.  So, like Jesus, develop your belief, your understanding, your faith, your cooperation, and
continue to practice until you have experienced this wondrous spiritual realm, this wondrous oneness with
God.  Being dedicated to experiencing the infiniteness of God will fill every aspect of your being with a vision
so beautiful, so desirable, and so attainable that you will naturally become that which you have focused upon.

Although a religion may serve as an early catalyst, no organized religion, nor a dependency on a religion, is a
prerequisite for attaining true, spiritual mastery.  Simply align with the principles of God as taught and
exemplified by Jesus and other masters.

Chapter 65   No Ritual – No Idolatry
Translation, or the preparation for translation, requires no ritual, no physical symbology, no idolatry of any
kind.  It requires no material images or idols, no alter, no organized meditations, no religious forms of any
kind.  However, if any of these items can assist you with maintaining clarity of mind and purity of intent, then
by all means use them.  Having whatever it takes for you to have a comfortable and supportive environment
can certainly be helpful, but don’t let a dependency be established.  If you depend on anyone or anything
outside yourself, that dependency can lead toward an addiction which can impede your progress.  Remember,
that of which you are composed is greater than anyone or anything that is of the world.  Let the same mind be
in you that is in Jesus and other masters who have exemplified a life greater than the physical.

Chapter 66   No Physical Death
Translation is accomplished without experiencing death of your physical body.  Your soul knows death is out
of harmony with God’s universal law of life.  Your soul yearns to be free.  In order for you to be free to
experience this unspeakably beautiful way of life, use your body and mind to overcome any destructive,
mortal vibrations.  Death will become non-existent for everyone who lives in alignment with spiritual law.

Know this: For anyone who translates, it is not done because of fear of death.  It is done because of one’s
desire to experience true oneness with God; and because of one’s love and appreciation for Jesus, and for
his teachings and the example he set.

Chapter 67   Being Power
Being translated you can create and experience all things effortlessly.  You will have become omnipotent
Spirit.  You will have gone from experiencing impotence to omnipotence.  You will have simply developed
your indwelling power.  It takes no effort to use this power, and you will use it with understanding and
proficiency, whenever appropriate.  It is natural, an innate attribute, to have dominion over every form,
thought, word, and condition.

Chapter 68   Being Infinite
When you are Spirit, you are as God in every attribute and quality.  Envision yourself being free and
beautiful, infinite Spirit.  You are born to be free and infinite.  Just let your mind be free to experience all of
the infiniteness of God.  And you will be truly free and infinite . . . for that which you focus upon tends to
become your own personal reality.

Chapter 69   Pure Divine Love
Being translated, you are the omnipresence of love that God is.  You are the omnipresent love of God.  Yes,
you are a spirit that is pure, divine love.  This is certainly an all-encompassing love.  As this love radiates
outwardly from you, It is activated to heal and harmonize everything It touches.  It is the most indescribable,
all-inclusive healing and harmonizing vibration in existence.  If necessary, just take a moment now . . . and be
still.  Feel this all-encompassing love activating Itself and moving throughout your being and radiating

Allowing this love to be active is honoring the sacredness of your soul.  As you learn to live with the love of
your soul, which is your true nature, every cell of your being is glorified as love and light.

Chapter 70   Real Eternal Life
Being translated, you are deathless, ageless, eternal . . . for Spirit does not and can not die.  And, you can
always physicalize as a physical body, even a youthful body, whenever appropriate.  Perpetual youthfulness
is the divinity from which you and all humans are composed.  God
is eternal life.  And you are empowered
with all the elements that comprise the infiniteness of God.

Chapter 71   The End of Time
Being translated, you have experienced the end of time.  You are free from the limitations of time and space.  
Spirit is not subject to time.  Time is non-existent in Spirit.  There is no time, no aging, no past, no future in
the spiritual realm.  There is only
Now . . . a Now without limits.

As long as anyone has a passionate belief of past and future in mind, it is impossible to understand and
experience the infiniteness of God.  Prepare yourself, and be of a consciousness of timelessness.  Rise above
and beyond time, and realize
your eternality.

Chapter 72   All is God
When you first translate, you realize that God truly is everything . . . that all is God.  Of course, at this point,
you are exploring your allness . . . and your capabilities.  You adjust to the fact that, being pure God energy,
you are everything that God is.  The God energy of which you have always been composed has now been
fully activated.

Chapter 73   God Is,  You Are
In the spiritual realm, One is All, All is One.  One is the All that God is.  Because God is, you are.  You are
life, love, intelligence, power, substance, Spirit.  You are no longer a co-creator or co-anything with God, as
you are literally one with God, as God . . . all that God is . . . in and as Spirit.  This is the natural state of one
who has translated.

Chapter 74   The Image and Likeness of God
Being translated, you have remerged in the image and likeness of God, just as you were before
materialization; just as you were before you chose to become an individualized, physical being.  You were
created to express the image and likeness of God . . . the exactness of God . . . in all ways . . . forever.  Only
when you measure life with your own limited ideas is it limited in its manifestation through you.  As God is,
always has been, and always will be, you are, always have been, and always will be.

Chapter 75   Like the Wind
It is written that Jesus taught, “The wind blows where it chooses and you hear the sound of it, but you do not
know where it comes from or where it goes.  So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

Since one who has translated is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent Spirit, that one can dematerialize,
or rematerialize, a physical body, or anything else, to do whatever is appropriate, whenever appropriate.  
Physicalizations and spiritualizations can happen as instantly, as they are conceived, and as they are

Being translated, you can trans-locate, bi-locate, and, yes, even multi-locate.  All these things are natural
phenomena, and can happen as instantly as they are conceived, and as they are appropriate.

Believe . . . and know that it is possible . . . possible for
you to come and go like the wind.  Coming and going
like the wind is a wonderful freedom . . . and most convenient, too.

Chapter 76   Travel and Manifestation
Being translated, you will be omnipresent in the omniverse . . . materializing, dematerializing, and
rematerializing a physical body, or anything else, whenever appropriate, effortlessly, and with the speed of
thought.  Thought in the spiritual realm produces instantaneous manifestation.  You were not created to have
to labor, but to create anything that is appropriate without labor.

All form, or formlessness, may be transformed, or changed, simply through a change of consciousness in
regard to it.  All manifestation and materialization is convertible.

When you have realized the Christ, any thought or desire is instantly brought into being.  This includes
physicalizing or spiritualizing any thing, healing any condition, or understanding the Truth concerning any
thing or any situation.

Being translated, you can manifest anything anytime, and you can travel to anywhere anytime.  There are no
limits!  You can trans-locate, bi-locate, and multi-locate.  As infinite energy, you can and will, at your
discretion, materialize a physical body in many places throughout the universe . . . simultaneously.  And at
the same time, you can be in constant, conscious communication throughout the omniverse, and you can
consciously interrelate with all individualized, human expressions of God that are around each of your bodies
without interfering with anyone’s spiritual evolution, or their free-will.

All these things are effortless in the spiritual realm.

Chapter 77   Spiritual Communication
Spiritual communication can be silent.  There is simply an omni-knowingness.  A master of life is aware of,
and can instantly interpret, each of the many energy frequencies.  Therefore, a master of life is aware of
everything at all times.

This is not to say everything is silent in the spiritual realm.  In this kingdom of God, you can create every
conceivable sound possible, including beautiful, rhythmic, harmonious music unheard of with human ears.  
And you can hear these types of sounds throughout infinite existence . . . all at your discretion.  You can tune
in to any sound or communication, and you always know when and what is appropriate.  There is no confusion
is this realm of pure Spirit.  You always

Practice being a master of thought and vibration.  Practice being a master of communication.

Chapter 78   The Oneness
Jesus, being either in the form, or formlessness of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God.  
And he taught that all the things he did, we can do.

Yes, in the physical realm, we are truly one
with each other; one with all that is.  In the spiritual realm, we
are one.  All is One.  We each are One.  Each One is All that is.  It is a Oneness that only a few of humankind
have perceived.  Practice Oneness.  Practice being One.

Chapter 79   Harmony
In the spiritual realm, all is rhythmic harmony.  Anytime you translate into this heavenly realm, you are
rhythmic, harmonious Spirit.  Your entire beingness is true harmony.  In oneness such as this, there can only
be true harmony.  This is your soul’s utmost yearning . . . to return home to true harmony, true Oneness.  
Living in this harmony has always been the essential nature of the soul you are.

Be still and listen and quiet your thoughts.  Listen to what your soul has to say.  All immortal masters have
listened to their souls . . . and have been true to their soul’s yearning.

Chapter 80   Happiness, Beauty, and Opulence
The spiritual realm is one perfect, joyful, beautiful, opulent ubiquity.  Pure, ageless, timeless life.  It is an
infinite realm of beatitude . . . a realm of utmost bliss.  As much as you can, visualize being centered in love,
surrounded by beauty, and filled with joy.  This opulent, everlasting joy is of the very highest state.  It is the
exaltation for the soul and exultation of the soul, which is much greater than any physical pleasure is to the

This realm of Spirit, of Life, is a love and a glory that has thus been inconceivable and incomprehensible to
so many people.  Sooner or later, this lifetime or another, everyone will have remerged into this infinite field
of pure consciousness.

Chapter 81   Omnipresent Spirit
Prepare yourself in every way to fully experience this perfect freedom.  Visualize actually being omnipresent
Spirit.  As much as you can, visualize all the attributes of the spiritual realm.  As you perpetually hold
thoughts and visualizations of this omnipresent, spiritual realm in mind, and live according to the principles of
translation . . . you naturally become the embodiment of these principles and, in turn, you become what you

Being omnipresent Spirit has infinite privileges.  You consciously experience the fullness of heaven, which is
this omnipresent, spiritual realm that God is.  You are omnipresent Spirit with all other masters.  This
omnipresence is pure Godness.  Being omnipresent Spirit feels so natural to the soul you are because It is
your essential nature.

Chapter 82   The Power to Glorify
One of the spiritual realm has the power to glorify all conditions and all things, and knows how and when it is
appropriate to do so.  One of the spiritual realm
is the power to glorify all conditions and all things.  This
includes physicalizing or spiritualizing any thing, or healing any condition.  Glorification is a natural, divine
phenomenon of life.

Chapter 83   Omnipotent
In the spiritual realm, All is an ever-unfolding, omnipresent source of omniscience and omnipotence.  In the
spiritual realm, you are the Allness.  You will have translated from impotence to omnipotence.  You are then
omnipotent Spirit.  You are then an omnipotent power in an ever-unfolding glory.

Chapter 84   Omnical Life – Omnical Living
In this Oneness, in this Allness, you are omnical Spirit, omnical Presence, omnical Life.  You are omnipotent,
omniscient, and omnipresent.  You are omni-love, omni-harmony, and omni-joy.  You are omni-active and
omni-creative.  You are omni-all-that-is-good.  In this infinite Oneness with God, as God, you are All in its
fullness.  Truly, it is a wonderful freedom.

Chapter 85   More To Share
There is so much more to share with you now in this way, but it is much more real than any mortal, tangible
condition or physical thing . . . and therefore, more real than the language of physical words can express.

Much of this knowledge of God is so sacred, so glorious, that the actuality of it can be significantly dissipated
when conversing or sharing with another, except with those who are on the same path, or those who have
translated.  This knowledge is held in the sacred depths of your soul as it continually blesses, heals, and
enlightens.  This knowledge is released from the sacred depths of your soul as you are open and receptive
for it . . . and as you are of the consciousness to experience it.  With prayerful and divine guidance, let your
mind be open and explore the infiniteness of God, and what God has in store for you.

Be still and know.  Yes, be still and meditate . . . and listen.  You will begin to
know through the Spirit within
what being translated is like, and the spark of knowingness will grow.  As you know what it is like being
translated, as you hold that vision in mind, being singly focused, you automatically attract all that is
necessary for cooperatively and harmoniously preparing you for manifesting your translation as your
reality.   . . . and so it is.

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