Overview of Chapters 86 - 89

Harmony for the earth is so vitally important, and the same principles are true for creating harmony for the
earth, and its changes, as are true for creating harmony in your personal life.  Therefore, it is appropriate to
include the following four chapters about the earth.

Chapter 86   About the Earth
The planet earth is continuing to change, just as you are continuing to change.  As the consciousness of the
people is restored to harmony, the whole earth is restored to harmony.  Yes, on earth as it is in heaven.

The same principles are true for creating harmony for the earth and its changes as are true for creating
harmony in your life.  Do all you can to bring about beauty and harmony of the earth by further developing
your personal inner beauty and harmony.  Then let your consciousness of beauty and harmony radiate out to
the earth . . . and believe.  You must believe, without a hint or vibration of fear, in order to
fully experience
the beauty and harmony of God.

You experience that which you are.  Who and what you are, and what you perceive, is an expression of your
consciousness.  Who and what you are is, or very quickly becomes, your perspective of outer reality.  
Anything that is less than perfection is the result of subcreation . . . mostly humankind subcreation.  As you
increasingly see and feel the kingdom of God within you as peace, harmony, and love, you increasingly
experience the kingdom of God in your outer reality as peace, harmony, and love.  Just as the inner light
purifies the mind, so its radiance purifies the environment.  The superimposed imperfection of sub-creation
will be erased, it will fade from existence.  And God’s ideal . . . total perfection, total harmony, will be on
earth as it is in heaven.

The earth is like a playground, or proving ground, for individualized, human expressions of God to play with
their creative powers and prove what is in alignment with universal law.  All disharmony for humankind is
caused by misperception and misuse of universal law.  So use the earth as your practicing and proving
ground.  Use your earthly experiences to prove these laws of life are right and true and perfect . . . that they
produce effectively and with perfection.  And when that which is perfect has come, that which is imperfect
comes to an end.

Be an energy of total peace and harmony with joy and Christ-like love, and your world of reality will be a
true reflection of who and what you truly are.  Yes, on earth as it is in heaven.

Chapter 87   Support and Assist the Earth
The earth takes on and reflects the consciousness of the life thereon.  Life was not created to have limits and
boundaries that keep one from experiencing the fullness of God, the Oneness of God.  Likewise, the planet
was not created to have boundaries of any kind placed upon it.  All limits and boundaries are the reflection of
separation, fear, and bound, mortal consciousness.

Life’s natural compulsion is always impulsing toward wholeness.  Support the life of the earth with being an
energy of harmony, peace, love, and joy.  Support the earth with being free of limitations and boundaries.  All
forms of life on the earth respond to the consciousness and the active, creative power of the people.  This
includes the animals, the birds, flowers, trees, all plants, rocks, the soil, all minerals, the entire composition
of the earth, including all physical vibrations, everything that the earth is composed of, and everything that
the earth composes.

Affirm and proclaim that whatever has been interfering with your freedom to be an energy of love and peace
and harmony, that it be transmuted
into the energy of love, peace and harmony.  It is each person’s
evolutionary destiny to be a symphony of love, peace, and harmony.  As this occurs, the whole earth shall
move into alignment with this consciousness of love, peace and harmony . . . which is the nature of Spirit.  
And as the earth harmonizes with this Spirit consciousness, it will be delivered from bondage and completely
illumined . . . and completely free.

Yes, the earth takes on and reflects the consciousness of the life thereon.

Chapter 88   God is Supporting and Assisting
There is so much you can do in order for the planet to completely be an energy of joy, peace, harmony, and
love.  The laws of God, the principles of God, are always available to support and assist you as you align
yourself with them.  Thoroughly become the joy, the peace, the harmony, and the love that you desire and
you become your prayer, the answered prayer . . . upon which joy, peace, harmony, and love are produced.  
Become the cleanliness, the purity, the consciousness you desire for your environment and your world, and
you are a living prayer for this; you are praying without ceasing.

The center of you is the center of your universe.  As an individualized expression of God, you create your
reality, your universe, from within you by aligning with unchanging divine principle.  Yes, God, of which you
are created and composed is always there to support and assist you.  And so it is.

Chapter 89   Harmonious Changes
Know that all changes, even earth changes, will continue to be with total harmony, effortlessly on your part,
and as instantly as you have the consciousness to create them.  Know that all divine intelligence throughout
the whole universe is attuned for you to flow with It in perfect harmony.  Envision a oneness of perfect
harmony for the earth as well as in your life.  Get the vision of the thing you desire.  Hold it in your mind,
your heart, your soul, for that is the law from which all things are produced.

Remember, the same principles are true for creating harmony for the earth and its changes as are true for
creating harmony in your personal life.  You are more than just an inhabitant upon the earth; you are a
spiritual being with dominion, and you create what you experience, which includes creating harmony upon the
planet.  You are of God.  That of which you are composed is greater than anyone or anything that is of the
world.  And as harmony is established in your consciousness, know that all universal changes in your
perceptive reality will be with harmony, ease, and perfect timing . . . on earth as it is in heaven.

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