Overview of Chapters 90 - 99

Chapter 90   Heart to Heart – Soul to Soul
The heart of your soul, the soul that is the real you, is the heart of your kingdom of God, your kingdom of
heaven.  Your soul is the entire spectrum of all that is divine, of all you need.  The pure, innate intelligence
of your soul is identical with the intelligence of God.  While you are in this lifetime, align with the intelligence
and yearning of your soul; align with the divine laws of freedom and you will be free.  You came to this world
to remember, live, and exemplify who you truly are . . . and to be free.  

Chapter 91   Moving Beyond
Stay tuned in to God.  The God energy of which you are composed will empower you with moving beyond the
limitations of your physical body and the physical world.  God can help you in a variety of ways to the degree
that you are of the consciousness to experience the greater life.  One of the ways is through those who are
masters . . . those who exemplify true mastery over all limitations and effects of the physical realm.  
Remember, God is in everything and everyone.

Any of the masters of Life can help you and are ready to help you.  You need but make the call and the call
is answered before it is even finished if you are of the consciousness to receive.  Yes, any of the masters,
even though outside the limitations of mortal vision, can return and converse and assist those who are
receptive.  And, of course, they can assist without returning and conversing with you.  You just have to call . .
. and be of the consciousness to receive.

Chapter 92   Preparing
Yes, prepare yourself to receive the highest teachings.  Prepare yourself to experience the greatest life you
can possibly experience.  It is not beyond your capability to comprehend this way of life . . . and live it.  As
you live these principles, you will know . . . and to know and live them is to actualize them.

Remember, your primary purpose is to surpass the perception many of humankind have held that we are
only human; to express the divine idea for humankind; to be free . . . fully remerged into the Oneness . . . as
pure Godness.  The way has been clearly revealed so that you may be born anew.  Prepare . . . and practice
being there.

Chapter 93   Assistance Everywhere
Assistance is everywhere waiting for you to accept.  Whatever you desire, to the degree your consciousness
is aligned with the principles of God, it will be done.  Your voice, your thoughts, your vibrations will be heard,
felt, and known, and responded to appropriately.  Remember, there is an omni-knowingness in the spiritual
realm of God.  All of the spiritual realm is aware of each of the many energy frequencies and what they all
mean.  Vibrational frequency is the natural way of communicating, which results in an omni-knowingness . . .
and may be transferred to you as your inner knowingness.  So call, be still, and be open to receive.  

Omniscience always knows what is appropriate, but it is your responsibility to take the initial step . . . raise
your consciousness and, yes, call.

Chapter 94   Attracting Christ Consciousness
Remember, like attracts like.  Therefore, envision yourself as a Christ.  Conduct yourself as a Christ.  Think
as a Christ thinks.  Live as a Christ lives.  Love as a Christ loves.  Raise your consciousness to that of a
Christ.  As you become Christ-like, you are naturally drawn to Christ-like energy, and Christ-like energy is
attracted to you.

Chapter 95   Everything You Need
As you live in alignment with the principles of God, of infinite Life, you will attract all that is needed to
translate into this heavenly realm of God.  At a time of desire, or for protection, you may actually feel the
presence of an individual master being with you, or you may simply feel an increased presence of God.  It’s
the same thing.

The masters tend not to impose, nor interfere with your free will.  It is not for them to interfere with what you
are here to learn and do.  However, they are always available to assist you, whenever and however
appropriate, with actualizing this beautiful infinity of God . . . as God.   

Chapter 96   Always With You
God is always with you in a myriad of ways, always available to support, protect, comfort, and assist you,
whenever and however appropriate, as you become a Christ and, in turn, experience this beautiful
infiniteness of God . . . as pure Godness.

Chapter 97   Awakened
Anyone aspiring to awaken to Christ consciousness, to be a true master, sees only the Christ, the God
quality, in all at all times.  As you awaken to and actualize Christ consciousness you become a true master of
Life.  You are destined to become a master, a Christ.  You will have awakened to true self-mastery.

Remember, after translating, you, as a master of life, do not have to be invisible to the mortal, physical
realm forever.  You can assist others with awakening from the undesirable limitations and effects of the
physical realm.  You can return, converse, and assist those who are receptive . . . verbally or non-verbally;
you can remain invisible, or make yourself known.  You can do whatever is appropriate whenever
appropriate, as you are of pure Godness.

Chapter 98   Being Thankful
Let us be thankful for everyone whose lives, works, writings, teachings, and other expressions have been
such beautiful examples of traveling the most direct path to regaining one’s birthright, becoming re-
spiritualized . . . into the image and likeness and exactness of God.

Let us be thankful for the in-lightenment that has made it possible for us to share in the inheritance of the
masters of light . . . the masters of Life, so that we may fully experience the kingdom of God.

Let us be thankful that we are created of the same Spirit as in Jesus . . . the Christ Spirit.  Let us be thankful
for the beautiful example in the one we know as Jesus the Christ.

Let us be thankful as our Christ energy radiates outwardly to touch each other, to touch all others, to touch
all that is; to become One with all that is, to become One with God, to be as God.

Let us forever be thankful and appreciative for all.

Chapter 99   Honoring God
Now to God, the energy and intelligence of which we are composed, that is abundantly far more than human
minds can ask or think or imagine . . . let us always honor.  For of God and through God and to God are all
things.  God established life.  God is life.  God is all things.

God is honored as we live our lives in alignment with the principles of God.  God is honored as we explore,
experience, express, and enjoy this infinite harmony, freedom, and oneness as God.  God is honored as we
celebrate and exemplify the life of divine mastery.  Let us honor God in every way.

Being a true master, you are honoring God.

Go to Chapter 100 for “The Commitment”.
Chapter 101 contains a list of prayer statements along with a specially written “going forward” prayer.