Awakening to Self-Mastery

Introduction by dr. michael ryce

author of

Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?!

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As an author, speaker, and workshop facilitator for many years, I have had the opportunity to read a
great deal of material on opening to the Spiritual Life.  Many books have been written that engage the
mind.  Fewer are those that touch both the mind and soul.  This book,
Awakening to Self-Mastery, is rarer
still, because it deeply touches and integrates the mind, the soul, and Spirit!

The writings of this book are in alignment with understandings that come from sources as varied as
the original meanings of Aramaic Scripture and the conclusions of physicists such as Albert Einstein
regarding matter.  The possibility that reading
Awakening to Self-Mastery can lead one to true mastery
makes it a “must read” for anyone who yearns to experience the Wholeness of Being!

In my role as director of the Khaburis Manuscript Foundation (whose work is the unveiling of the 1st
century meanings of the words of Y’shua, popularly known as Jesus,  from the oldest known copy of the
New Testament in its original language), I seldom come across a body of work that comprehends the
application of the teachings of Y’shua as He originally taught so many centuries ago.  Terry Livingood’s
book is such a work.

Reading Terry’s book was a most effective, life-changing experience for me and has profoundly
influenced my personal spiritual growth and life.  Written with exquisite sensitivity, this loving text
presents the wisdom of the ages in a brilliant new light.  The timing of it is incredible and it is inevitable
that Christ-like Love will become the vibration of everyone reading it.  In these times when so many souls
are yearning for peace and seeking Love, Terry has come up with the guidebook to assist people not only
with being open to the Love of God, but to incorporate and be the Love of God.

Awakening to Self-Mastery is more than a book; it consists of living energy.  It is written in a way that
gently and firmly builds the brain cells to comprehend, initiate, bring forth, and experience a transforma-
tion as your physical mind, body, and Being are renewed by the Light and Love of God.  It is my conviction
that this is a book for the future of humankind, a book that has the potential to bring us into alignment
with Truth.

Statement after statement throughout this book offers thought-provoking information and is wonderfully
energized to smoothly and quickly assist with dissolving any limitations which, in turn, prepares one for
fully experiencing and enjoying the infinite lives we were designed to live.  I believe this compendium is
one of the greatest collections of spiritual Truths on the planet!

As you read, set aside anything that does not conform to your current thinking and see how these
precepts (ideals) work as the information is incorporated into your structure.  Invest the time and you will
be amazed at what you will comprehend from these pages.  After passionate interaction, it will feel as if a
mental switch has been thrown and a greater understanding unfolds and a new way of life falls into place.

Awakening to Self-Mastery is about attuning ourselves to the principles of the Creator.  This attunement
takes us to where we are perpetually experiencing the physiological presence of the Love of God and
enjoying true liberty.  Within the following pages you will find the guidelines on how to achieve this
attunement, which is the highest and best life of Love, harmony, joy, and peace possible for humankind.

Jesus was in attunement with these principles by which God’s universe is governed.  When Jesus
promised that we could go on to do greater things than he did, he meant it.  There are currently those on
this planet who are living in attunement, or alignment, with these principles and enjoying the infinite life.  
Living in this alignment is our innate potential.

It is my wish for you, that you are ready to join the Master who informed us, “The things I do, you too can
do,” and become master of your life.

 /s/ dr. michael ryce