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is in the same league and has the capacity
to easily be among the best sellers such as
The Celestine Prophecy,
Conversations with God, A New Earth, and  The Secret

This 352-page book truly extends the leading edge of spirituality.
In these times when so many are yearning and looking for a life
that’s more than what has been commonly accepted as realistic,
it’s timing is incredible.

With simplicity, this easy-to-read book provides the insights
and the how-to for those who have been asking,
“What is the greatest life I can possibly experience?”

Awakening to Self-Mastery explains, with clarity,
what principles you must align with in order to be a true master of life,
and what a life of infinite freedom is like
after attaining self-mastery.

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A Note about Self-Mastery

True self-mastery is being master of your own life, and creating the greatest life
you can possibly experience. -a life free of the limitations of the physical realm.
-free from gravity, time, labor, aging, disharmony, disease, degeneration, and death.
-a life of infinite love, harmony, joy, and integrity.

You are currently creating the life you are experiencing. Change your thoughts and the
perceptions you have about life and your purpose, and you change your consciousness,
thus, you change the life you experience. With easy-to-read, step-by-step simplicity,
Awakening to Self-Mastery provides the insights and the how-to for changing your life.

Awakening to Self-Mastery is for those
who have been asking any of the following questions.

Who am I?   What is my purpose?

What is God?   Where is God?

What and where is The Kingdom?

Who is Jesus?   What is The Christ?

What is the greatest life I can possibly experience?

What do I have to do in order for me to experience the greatest life?

What is a life of infinite freedom like?   Infinite harmony, joy, and love?

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(The Bible for)
Translating from Physical to Spirit

An experiential bible for masters of the coming age
as well as a wonderful and useful complement to
"Awakening to Self-Mastery"

You will soon see that this is not a translation of another bible.
The word translating, as used here, is a biblical term meaning changing.
You will also see this 864-page book stands on its own in various categories.

It is a book based on the teachings of Jesus and others—teachings such as “all things are possible,” “according
to your faith . . .,” and “all the things I do, you can do, too.”
The book is receiving a continuous flow of wonderful comments and reviews from those
who consider themselves of the Christian world, as well as from those with metaphysical interests.
There is no doubt that this book is of the spiritual and inspirational nature, and has exhibited
special assistance to those who have thought and felt, “There’s got to be something more.”

It became known and accepted as a bible when all the statements were numbered
and they later became recognized as verses.
It became known as an experiential bible because it is written in the first person
and invites the readers to read as though they have written the book themselves.
In doing so, they begin to feel and personally experience what the book is about,
which is living a life without limits . . . fully experiencing the infiniteness of God.
As one editor states in her endorsement, it is
“A Bible for the New Millennium!”

Certainly this is truly a premier, one-of-a-kind, experiential bible.
It is a guidebook for attaining self-empowerment and contains step-by-step guidelines
for attaining true mastery, which is living totally free from the laws and nature of the physical realm.
This book definitely exhibits the courage and creativity necessary to take so-called chances,
break new ground, and bring about changes to our society, our environment, and
our individual and collective spirit.  

Yes, this bible is based on the teachings of Jesus and others who have mastered life, proclaiming
that you are inseparable from the spirit of God that is within and about you, and throughout the universe.
Yes, you are, in fact, naturally composed of this God energy.  Furthermore,
that through prayerful realization of this spirit, you can obtain healing of all life’s disharmonies
in mind and body, and experience a life of infinite freedom . . . always with love.

This experiential bible can assist you with releasing and transcending all judgment,
all needs, all attachment, and all concepts about life as you have consciously experienced it
or have perceived it to be through your human identity.  It can assist you with exemplifying God life
by letting the infinite love, beauty, power and life of God come forth as you move into actualizing and representing
realistically the life of a master . . . and fully experiencing true Oneness.

Let’s take a moment now to cover a partial defining of the word translation:

Translation is the ultimate enlightenment of the physical body.

Translation is changing into true oneness with God, changing into Spirit, changing into omnipresence, omniscience
and omnipotence.  It is becoming respiritualized, regaining the spiritual perfection that we were created to be.  
Actually, it is anytime the physical body changes into all-powerful Spirit,
or when it rematerializes again.  Going and coming as the wind.

Translation takes place when earthborn beings leave their slow, unprogressive, physical ways
and change, move beyond mortality and gravity and all other physical conditions
into a higher vibration of spiritual life.

Translation is a natural phenomenon as one moves from living solely with human identity
and lives wholly in Christ consciousness.  Translation is the fulfilling of our soul’s desire.

Being translated is a totally harmonious way of life.  It is the most advanced state
of communion with God.  It is a life of knowing and comprehending all things,
of having the power to glorify all conditions and all things, a life of instant manifestation.
Yes, Beloved, it is a life of being truly free and infinite.

The word translation, when used to describe this kind of change, is not a newly coined definition.
It is a biblical term used when the physical body does not die, but becomes Spirit . . . Holy Spirit.

From biblical times to the present, there are others who have literally believed
and lived by these principles to the degree that they, too, have translated . . .
and do translate, effortlessly, whenever appropriate.

Translation is something that each one must and will experience . . . sooner or later.
If not this lifetime, then another.

This high point of attainment is not at all difficult to reach.  It is very simple and easy
as one cooperates with the principles concerning translation . . .
and it is accomplished without experiencing death of the physical body.

The Bible for Translating from Physical to Spirit is a step-by-step teaching, a blueprint for translation.
It further explains, with clarity, what translation is, the practical preparation for translation,
and what it is like after the initial translation.
It also contains two detailed indexes, and an extensive, one-of-a-kind, 194 page concordance.
It is designed to be exceptionally user friendly for study groups as well as for individuals.
Even children and teens can comprehend the true meaning and benefit.
What a wonderful life one would have by living these principles from an early age!

This is truly an experiential bible that provides guidelines for attaining mastery.
The words are empowered to continuously take on new meaning according to one’s level of comprehension.

Again, this book is a wonderful complement to
Awakening to Self-Mastery,
and could very well be the textbook for the spiritual evolution of the coming age.

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Terry Livingood, Author