An Overview of
Awakening to Self-Mastery

Awakening to Self-Mastery is based on the teachings of Jesus and others
who have mastered life.  It states that you are inseparable from the Spirit of God
that is within and about you, and throughout the universe.
Through prayerful realization of this spirit you can obtain healing
of all life’s disharmonies in mind and body, and
experience a life of infinite freedom . . . always with love.

The intended meaning of ancient, spiritual teachings has often been veiled
by the words of various interpretations rather than revealed by them.
The statements of
Awakening to Self-Mastery are worded to reveal such truths,
so that perceptions of mystery are changed to a consciousness of mastery.

This overview consists of synoptic paragraphs describing each chapter in the book
along with an occasional commentary.  Most of the statements are quotes
from that particular chapter, although the order of the statements
may have been rearranged in this abbreviated context.

The content of this overview is empowered to continually take on new meaning
as you evolve in consciousness.  The energy that you feel emanating from these words
becomes more and more empowering, and thus,
it beautifully activates an awaiting and complimentary energy within you.
With open receptivity, you will likely feel a great change taking place
in your awareness concerning the infiniteness of life.

Although reading and experiencing the energy of the following overview
can certainly be a life-changing experience,
you may also appreciate acquiring a copy of the book.

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