Reviews and Comments

Awakening to Self-Mastery, as well as
The Bible for Translating from Physical to Spirit,
has received some very nice reviews and endorsements.
Here are a few of them for your review.

“So advanced, yet, written with astounding simplicity.”

“It is certainly based on the teachings of Jesus and Charles Fillmore.”

“This book covered the basic principles of Life in the earlier chapters, then it took me further
than any of the many books I’ve read.”

“After covering the preliminary basics in the earlier chapters, this book continues
from where The Celestine Prophecy took us.”

“The other books I’ve read have served as wonderfully placed stepping stones preparing me
for what this book is about.”

“When people find out what this book is truly about, it will be a hit!”

“This book could very well be a classic for generations to come.”

“Every statement is positive, and God is never referred to with a gender pronoun.”

“Meditative and contemplative.”     “It has touched my soul.”

“Peaceful and exhilarating..... all at the same time.”

“This book truly extends what we’ve perceived as the leading edge of spirituality and true oneness with God.
A great book for discussion groups and classes.”

“It certainly opened my mind to greater possibilities.”

“I noticed the copyright which invites us (gives permission) to copy from the book.
This will come in handy when speaking or facilitating a class without compromising our integrity.
Thank you sooo much.”

For more comments, read
the introduction to Awakening to Self-Mastery written by Dr. Michael Ryce.
Michael is certainly familiar with the spiritual principles expounded upon in these books and is an encyclopedia
of information relevant to these principles, much of which is derived from the Aramaic teachings and writings.
Michael has been invited to speak and conduct his many workshops internationally
as well as (in many churches) across this country.

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About the Word “Bible”

A spiritual bible is a book containing sacred writings,
a holy guide for living a spiritual life.

An experiential bible is written in a unique way
that enables the reader
to actually experience its true meaning.

A bible is to have been written with utmost integrity
and must convey that integrity.

It is to have been written with intended impeccability.

It can be considered an authoritative textbook
of indispensable teachings . . . of rules for life.

It can be regarded as a definitive reference book.

It can be considered holy scripture.

A bible can also be a publication likened to a bible,
especially in the manner is which it is regarded.

The Bible for Translating from Physical to Spirit
is in alignment with all the above definitions.

It contains priceless and timeless teachings and guidance for an eternal life
of true freedom . . . of true harmony, peace, joy, and Christ-like love.

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A Special Note

The Bible for Translating from Physical to Spirit,
being initially published and distributed in a country with a culture
where Christianity is the most popular basis for spiritual beliefs and teaching,
contains many reference to Jesus and his teachings.  This is not to imply there are not other masters.  
Although not mentioned herein, all masters of life are to be respected, appreciated, and honored,
regardless of religious affiliation, as well as “masters in training,” for the way they have exemplified mastery
and for their work that has served as perfectly placed steppingstones
for those of us on this journey.

*     *     *     *     *

Terry Livingood, Author

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